Leprosy is not a curse from God, nor is it due to heredity

In the era of increasingly sophisticated technology, myths about leprosy are still circulating in the community. There are those who call it a hereditary disease, there are also those who associate that this is a god’s curse. In fact, it’s not like that.

Leprosy is a skin disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. This disease is transmitted through direct contact with patients who have not been treated. Transmission can be through breathing and air.

Although contagious, there are still many people who underestimate this disease. As a result, untreated leprosy becomes a source of transmission to other people. Actually, the problem with leprosy is that it has spots and has no taste, so he considers it normal, even though if it is found late and the bacteria are active, they become a source of transmission.

Symptoms of leprosy there are several types depending on the location. The skin is … Read the rest

Exposure to leprosy bacteria, not necessarily infected

A person who is exposed to the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae, which is the cause of leprosy, does not necessarily have an infection. The infection is the appearance of the initial symptoms of leprosy with white and red patches on the skin.

The hallmark of leprosy skin patches, namely the area of ​​​​the skin that is patched will be numb. However, the risk of being infected with leprosy bacteria depends on the immune system of each.

If his immune system is immune even though he is exposed to leprosy bacteria, he will not be infected. 95 percent of humans are immune to leprosy, while 5 percent are infected. Of the 5 percent infected, 3 people can recover on their own and 2 people get sick.

Environmental influences can also affect the immune system. The immune system can decrease in an environment with poor sanitation.

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Causes of Leprosy, Symptoms, Types and Treatment Methods You Need to Know

Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy, is an infection caused by the slowly growing bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. The cause of leprosy due to this bacterium, will greatly affect the nerves, skin, eyes, to the lining of the nose. With early diagnosis and treatment, this disease can be cured.

Leprosy has existed since ancient times, and people even helped isolate and avoid lepers because this disease is very difficult to understand. Launching from the clevelandclinic.org page, the cause of leprosy can be treated with effective and appropriate treatment, so patients do not need to isolate themselves.

Launching from the cdc.gov page, leprosy was once feared as a highly contagious and deadly disease. But for now, this disease cannot spread easily and the treatment is also very effective. The cause of leprosy which is caused by this bacteria, if not treated and get proper treatment, it will trigger nerve damage which can … Read the rest

Causes of Leprosy, Know How It’s Transmitted

The causes of leprosy need to be watched out for even though cases of this disease are decreasing. Leprosy or leprosy is a skin disease that can damage nerves and muscles. Leprosy will cause rashes, lesions, and ulcers on the skin.

Leprosy is one of the oldest diseases in history. The first known written reference to leprosy is from about 600 BC. This explains that the cause of leprosy or leprosy has existed for hundreds of years and is still being found today.

The cause of leprosy or leprosy can be treated with appropriate and intensive treatment. Despite its infectious reputation, the cause of leprosy or leprosy can be prevented and cured.

Leprosy is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae) or Mycobacterium lepromatosis (M. lepromatosis). This disease mainly attacks the skin, peripheral nerves, mucosal surfaces of the upper respiratory tract and eyes. This mycobacterium can grow slowly.

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