Leprosy is not a curse from God, nor is it due to heredity

In the era of increasingly sophisticated technology, myths about leprosy are still circulating in the community. There are those who call it a hereditary disease, there are also those who associate that this is a god’s curse. In fact, it’s not like that.

Leprosy is a skin disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. This disease is transmitted through direct contact with patients who have not been treated. Transmission can be through breathing and air.

Although contagious, there are still many people who underestimate this disease. As a result, untreated leprosy becomes a source of transmission to other people. Actually, the problem with leprosy is that it has spots and has no taste, so he considers it normal, even though if it is found late and the bacteria are active, they become a source of transmission.

Symptoms of leprosy there are several types depending on the location. The skin is … Read the rest

Exposure to leprosy bacteria, not necessarily infected

A person who is exposed to the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae, which is the cause of leprosy, does not necessarily have an infection. The infection is the appearance of the initial symptoms of leprosy with white and red patches on the skin.

The hallmark of leprosy skin patches, namely the area of ​​​​the skin that is patched will be numb. However, the risk of being infected with leprosy bacteria depends on the immune system of each.

If his immune system is immune even though he is exposed to leprosy bacteria, he will not be infected. 95 percent of humans are immune to leprosy, while 5 percent are infected. Of the 5 percent infected, 3 people can recover on their own and 2 people get sick.

Environmental influences can also affect the immune system. The immune system can decrease in an environment with poor sanitation.

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Causes of Leprosy, Symptoms, Types and Treatment Methods You Need to Know

Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy, is an infection caused by the slowly growing bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. The cause of leprosy due to this bacterium, will greatly affect the nerves, skin, eyes, to the lining of the nose. With early diagnosis and treatment, this disease can be cured.

Leprosy has existed since ancient times, and people even helped isolate and avoid lepers because this disease is very difficult to understand. Launching from the clevelandclinic.org page, the cause of leprosy can be treated with effective and appropriate treatment, so patients do not need to isolate themselves.

Launching from the cdc.gov page, leprosy was once feared as a highly contagious and deadly disease. But for now, this disease cannot spread easily and the treatment is also very effective. The cause of leprosy which is caused by this bacteria, if not treated and get proper treatment, it will trigger nerve damage which can … Read the rest

Causes of Leprosy, Know How It’s Transmitted

The causes of leprosy need to be watched out for even though cases of this disease are decreasing. Leprosy or leprosy is a skin disease that can damage nerves and muscles. Leprosy will cause rashes, lesions, and ulcers on the skin.

Leprosy is one of the oldest diseases in history. The first known written reference to leprosy is from about 600 BC. This explains that the cause of leprosy or leprosy has existed for hundreds of years and is still being found today.

The cause of leprosy or leprosy can be treated with appropriate and intensive treatment. Despite its infectious reputation, the cause of leprosy or leprosy can be prevented and cured.

Leprosy is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae (M. leprae) or Mycobacterium lepromatosis (M. lepromatosis). This disease mainly attacks the skin, peripheral nerves, mucosal surfaces of the upper respiratory tract and eyes. This mycobacterium can grow slowly.

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Things to Know About Leaky Heart Surgery

Leaky heart surgery is a medical procedure that aims to treat blood flow disorders in the heart that have reached the severe category. This surgery is done if the administration of drugs is considered unable to handle it optimally.

The heart organ consists of four chambers, namely two atria and two chambers, which are separated by a septum. In these barriers there are valves that can be opened and closed to regulate the direction of blood flow, both from the heart and to the heart.

Leaky heart occurs when there is a hole in the heart septum or there is a disturbance in the function of the heart valves, so that blood does not flow properly. To fix this, doctors can perform a surgery known as leaky heart surgery.
Conditions Requiring Leaky Heart Surgery

Leaky heart due to a hole in the septum is generally caused by congenital heart disease, … Read the rest

Things to Pay Attention to After Heart Surgery

Heart surgery is one of the major surgeries. Therefore, it is important to know the correct treatment after surgery to prevent possible complications and speed up the recovery process.

The length of the recovery process from heart surgery can vary from patient to patient. However, the recovery period usually lasts 6–8 weeks.

To speed up the recovery process, your doctor will advise you on what to do after heart surgery.
Care After Heart Surgery

The following are some of the things you need to do after undergoing a heart surgery procedure:

1. Avoid clothes that are too tight
You are advised not to wear clothes that are too tight for a while. This is because tight clothing can press and rub against the surgical incision scar, which can slow down the wound healing process.

2. Not bathing by bathing
During the recovery period after heart surgery, you are not advised … Read the rest

Sore Throat Natural Remedies

A sore throat often interferes with activities because of the discomfort it causes. To overcome this, there are several kinds of natural sore throat remedies that you can make yourself at home.

Sore throat can be caused by various things, one of which is inflammation in the throat. You can treat a sore throat with a number of natural remedies. In fact, some types of treatment to cure a sore throat you may have known for a long time.

Here are some natural sore throat remedies that you can try at home:
1. Salt water
One of the natural remedies for sore throats that is very easy to make is salt water. You simply mix a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water, and stir until evenly mixed. Gargle with your head up and then vomit the salt water.

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Know the Sore Throat Medication According to the Cause

Sore throat medications are often used to treat inflammation of the throat. However, make sure the use of strep throat medication according to the cause. If used inappropriately, this drug can actually make the condition worse.

Sore throat is a very common condition. Most sore throat conditions clear up on their own within 5–10 days.

However, strep throat can cause annoying complaints, such as difficulty swallowing or dysphagia, coughing, until the throat feels itchy and dry. Sore throat medications are generally used to treat these symptoms.
Various Causes of Sore Throat

The following are some of the causes of sore throat:
Viral infections, such as influenza, mononucleosis, chickenpox, and the Corona virus
Bacterial infections, eg Streptococcus and diphtheria bacteria
Allergies, for example from exposure to pollution, dust, cigarette smoke, or pet dander
Irritation, usually from alcoholic beverages, spicy and oily food, stomach acid rising to the throat, dry air, or … Read the rest

Important Diphtheria Characteristics to Know

It is important for you to know and know the characteristics of diphtheria, because this disease is often mistaken for a common sore throat. In fact, diphtheria is a dangerous bacterial infection that can spread easily and quickly.

Diphtheria is a disease caused by infection with Corynebacterium diphtheriae bacteria that attacks the nose and throat. Diphtheria generally affects children under 5 years old and elderly people over 60 years old.

In addition, diphtheria can also occur in adults who have never received diphtheria immunization as well as people with poor nutritional conditions or living in areas with an unhealthy environment.
Recognizing the Characteristics of Diphtheria

Symptoms or characteristics of diphtheria can vary from person to person. There are people who do not experience any symptoms when infected with diphtheria, there are also those who only show mild flu-like characteristics.

The most characteristic feature of diphtheria is the appearance of a … Read the rest

Allergic Cough, These Causes and How To Treat It

Exposure to pollen or dust can cause an allergic cough. This complaint should not be taken lightly. If not treated properly, allergic cough can get worse and interfere with daily activities.

Allergic cough is a cough that occurs due to the immune system’s reaction to allergens or allergy-triggering substances. This condition is more at risk for people who have a history of allergies in their family.

Allergic coughs usually last a long time, even months. Here are some of the symptoms of an allergic cough:
Dry cough or cough with clear mucus
Itchy throat
Colds and sneezing
Nasal congestion

Causes of Allergic Cough
Allergic coughs are caused by an over-response of the immune system to allergens or allergens that are actually harmless. Some examples of allergens are dust, mold, pet dander, or pollen.

To protect the body from these substances, the immune system produces immune cells to release … Read the rest